ACCESS BARS – an energetic process for your body, a tool that enables a different functioning in this reality.

access_bars_1We have always been creating our own reality through our thoughts, feelings, judgements,  and concepts of what is good and what is bad; we have assumed that this is the only possibility.

And how would it be if we started to function through different perception, knowledge, being and receiving? How would it be if we let ourselves receive everything the infinite universe constantly gives us?

We specify what we are willing to receive through our desire of being. Functioning in the reality of polarity, conclusions, definitions, terms, judgements we cut ourselves off from receiving, which is one of our finest skills. Everything that comes to us in life, does so in order to enhance our growth. Through the concepts we are thought we start identifying to these uncoming events, people or sensations as either good or bad, this causes an instant reaction based on our past experiences. It is the goal of the skill of receiving to go beyond the concepts of good and bad, beyond our past  and to open oneself to all of the universe.

The more often you have Bars sessions, the more you begin to perceive how much effort is put towards functioning through thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements, opinions. You start to see how limited it makes your reality and your ability to create your life as well as how much stress, tension and trauma it brings. Functioning in such reality, you overlook the powerful energy potential that you truly are. It is a little bit as though you had an infinite palette of colors and shades to choose from but still limit yourself to only a few.

What is The Bars Session ?

Bars session entails gentle touching 32 points on the head called  Bars. These points hold literally everything that you have gathered in your life after life; all your beliefs, judgements of yourself and of other people, your knowledge on how the reality functions, on who and what you are, what is possible for you, who and what you can become as well as who and what you cannot become, and many, many more.

The Bars can be compared to a hard drive that stores data on your computer. Bars session may be described as deleting all data files permanently so they are no longer used automatically. In other words Bars sessions could be compared to reseting your hard drive on your computer.

During the Bars session, a polarized electric charge, which has been stored in your brain, is discharged. It is like activating a consciousness virus on your computer, which starts to explore the areas that you function in automatically – more like on an autopilot rather than conscious state – that means you reject things instead of receiving them.

access_bars_2During the Bars session the brain waves are slowed down to Alfa state ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning. This allow  to access your system of beliefs, opinions and behavioral patterns, based on which you have functioned for your whole life.

You start to become more present in your life and your past experiences have no same impact on your future.You start to make choices based on the present moment rather than on your programming  and belief system.

The Bars sessions are changing the probability of the future possibilities.

The Bars sessions are both a great, relaxing massage as well as make changes in all areas of your life easier. If you are ready for a more conscious functioning, you begin to open the door to the whole healing.


  • Deep and profund relaxation.
  • Decrease in self talk.
  • Stress release.
  • Sense of ease , joy and lightness.
  • Improving communication skills, awreness ,problem solving ,focus and productivity.
  • Sense of peace and space.
  • Work performance and clarity increases.
  • Sleep improvement and feeling of freshness.
  • Helps in battle against the depression.
  • Enhances awerness in every day life.
  • Support in ADHD.
  • Support in learning .
  • Helps discover the skill of receiving.
  • Faster recovery time with injury, surgery and illness and  overall health improvement.

Session lasts  65 minutes.