My name is Grazyna Andrzejewska. I perceive  the reality through energy  flow as I belive that we are energetic and spiritual beings in the shape of our body and our thoughts and feelings are energy vibrations  we  radiate and create from .The  level of energy we vibrate is directly connected to the state  of our mind and body.

I began my journey ten years ago when I came to Ireland. I started a new life. This entailed facing new challenges, such as learning another language and fitting into almost completely new culture.  Through the years I have been changing my personal way of living by becoming more consciouss and  perciving the reality from a bigger perspective.

All my work comes from my heart. First I listen to my clients  as I know that pain tends  to be much more complex, it has more than just a physical aspect to it. Behind it there are always feelings such as sorrow, guilt, disappointment and very often the lack of self-love and acceptance. At the core we are designed in the same way, it is the paths that we follow and the experiences we have, that make us unique.

Grazyna Andrzejewska
Professional Bioenergy Therapist ,RGN
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Therapist
Access Bars Practitioner